Thursday, November 09, 2006

The story of Boy-Boy

Today, an amazing thing happened to us. Passing showers occurred at my area this afternoon. As I had forgotten to bring my umbrella, I hurried back home after my lunch. Unexpectedly, I saw a young woman attending to "something" underneath the void deck adjacent to my block. Out of curiosity, I took a quick glance and saw a drenched kitten. In fact, that kind woman was cleaning and drying that poor kitten. He was in fact a very cute and cuddly little baby. I excused myself immediately and rushed back home to bring him some food. We only bought him home in the evening and managed to give him a "proper" meal as we felt that we should not "jump the gun" by bringing him home so early as his mummy might be still looking for him. Named him "boy-boy" and played with him for a while...

Strange thoughts were running through our minds as we kept thinking that her mum might have "abandoned" him. To avoid lessen the scent on boy-boy's body; we tried not to hold him long... We waited until human traffic was low and we set out to search for his mum. In the process, we met a very helpful uncle who gave us some advice on locating boy-boy's mummy. Also, another kind uncle had saw boy-boy in the afternoon came along searching for him in the evening... Alas, the first few cats that we had approached started to run after hearing boy-boy's frantic meows. Things were not looking good...

As we were about to return home, a white cat came out of nowhere and started to look around at our area. We figured that she might be the one. Immediately after we release boy-boy, she started to sniff boy-boy a bit. And for sure, we knew we had found boy-boy's mummy as she started to pick him up with her mouth and carried him into some concealed bushes. And that's it, no goodbyes or farewells... just a moment of relieve and satisfaction.
A few seconds later, the commotion had passed and all is quiet again..
That is the last moment we saw boy-boy.

Below are some pics of boy-boy...

PS: Sure feel strange as we only "had" him for less a day, but boy-boy will remain in our hearts forever...
If you don't believe, take a look at the pics, and you will know why.
Cheers to boy-boy...!!! Don't wander off again, OK!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Puma had grown up... (No more cute and cuddly !!!)







Puma:"Yo.. Who say I not cuddly anymore!!"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cappuccino (aka Cupps)

A few weeks had passed and Cupps is doing well after sterilisation. Release back to his "home" after his recuperation. Sad to see him go......
Anyway, we feed him regularly and it is very good to see him healthy and full of appetite!!
We just pray that he won't be captured by "you-know-who" for the "you-know-what" exercise as he is a stray.

If someone wishes to give him a good home, just leave a message. Will work something out.
In the meanwhile, we will keep our fingers crossed and keep praying...........

Photo taken a few weeks back. (the night before "operation")

Now, munching away, with a clipped ear....

After a nice meal, now's the time for a good wash-up....

Finally, a message from us:

Take good care, Cupps!!!
Be strong....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Remember Tiger? Well, there hasn't been any post on him lately. So not to leave him out, here goes...

Tiger is a kitten that loves life. He loves to play, enjoy attention and very eager to share his thoughts with us.. especially when he is hungry or lonely. There's never a moment he feels shy. He was separated from the rest cause he was sick...flu and diarrhoea. But after countless dosage of antibiotics and tender loving care, he is now full of vitality. Thinking that he was ready to meet the rest of the family, we let him out. Well, the first introduction turned disasterous.
Without any proper socialising skills, he jumped on everyone he saw, inviting them to play. The furry friends were so afraid and everyone was stressed. Things got down turned when Puma and Oreo fall sick. They had fever and were limping badly. The vet thought it was some kind of flu virus that they have caught. And so poor Tiger was separated from the rest once again. During those times, we tried our best to spend more times with him. After Oreo and Puma recovered, we decided to let Tiger out again. This time we are crossing our fingers and praying hard that no one fall sick! Tiger is slowly gaining acceptance within the gang with only occassionally hissing and swating. But with his endurances and optimistic attitude, we believe one of these days Tiger will succeed in melting their hearts just like he melted us. Way to go Tiger!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Day In The Life of Pixie

Hi everyone. My name's Pixie. Meow............. (yawn). This is my home sweet home inside the cat tree house that mummy bought. Sure feels cosy inside.

Okie, I'm hungry already... Let's go for my breakfast.. Hippe Yea!!!

Oh my Gosh!
Where is my breakfast???

Gotcha! My breakfast is inside the kitchen. Hehehe.... I am no longer a stray cat. Must eat in the kitchen. (cannot dirtied the living room, daddy work very hard outside, very tired to clean up the mess) Anyway the kitchen is meant for eating also. No fuss man!!

Now that everything is done, it's time to do my routine suntan. Ai yah.... :-(
the sun's not up yet man... Must wait..

10 mins later...............
Finally, I can enjoy the sun. Wait until mummy & daddy comes back from work. They will play with me, but for now..........

Shoo, leave me alone leh...!

And that's how I spent a day in the life of Pixie.......

Friday, August 25, 2006


This is Cupps. Cupps is a void deck cat at our block. He is a sweet cat, very trusting, and allowed us to carry him around. We suspected that he was once a home cat that was abandoned by one of the unit in our block. On Fri, we were set on the mission of trapping Cupps for sterilization. Cupps easily walked into the carrier that we brought along and spent the night at our home before he off to the vet on Sat. After castration, Cupps was feeling drowsy throughout the first day. Luckily he recovered on the second and eaten quit well. We have set to release him on Mon night. I pray hard that Cupps will remain safe and happy for a long time. It is a pity that we couldn't do much more for him. Thank you Celeste for helping us to arrange for the sterilization, Cupps and I are very grateful!

A nice tanned body is the IN thing this summer!

Hey Mummy! You are blocking the sunlight!!

Yippee!! A New Cat Tree!

Puma: "Mummy bought this cat tree at a discounted price, i love her very much!!!"
Pixie: "Yes, Pumama. Now, leave the top floor to me! That's me territory!!!"
Puma: "Who said so?!!" (on the verge of crying)
Pixie: "No point crying, I'm eldest in this cat family!!"
Oreo: (groan) " Please!! I need some peace here!! I'm already late for my napping!!"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My collection of cats decorative